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Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri

Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities

The Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri (SBU) offers people with disabilities a wide range of work, employment and housing opportunities.

In 1970 the SBU was established as a private foundation. Since then, it has developed from a small business with a workshop manager and a working group of six people with disabilities into one of the largest companies in Uri.

Today around 190 people with disabilities live and work in the SBU, as well as 11 apprentices.

On the Uri Foundation for Disabled Persons (SBU) website (sburi.ch) you will find detailed information on the housing, employment and job offers as well as the various services of the SBU.

Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri
22nd Wildlife Association
22nd Wildlife Association


The earth and its inhabitants are very close to our hearts. As WhiteLake Capital AG, we want to generate an impact and advocate for values from a sustainability perspective. That is why we support the 22nd Wildlife Association.

The 22nd Wildlife Association is committed to the protection of animals and people worldwide. Whether it is fighting poaching, or fighting fires and supplying local farmers and units during fire and rescue operations.