One should not want to foresee the future,
but make it possible

The only constant is change.
Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535-475 B.C.

WhiteLake Capital is dedicated to provide genuine investment alternatives for professional investors.

Using decades of experience in research, technology, and quantitative trading, paired with leading-edge technology, the trading concepts are designed to exploit behavior-based inefficiencies from a variety of different market environments

What makes us different


Systematic, quantitiative trading process across 20 liquid future markets including commodities, currencies, equities and bonds. Years of research and analysis of the underlying markets bring a deep expertise in identifying alpha sources.


With more than 20 years quantitative research and analysis of the traded future markets in the background we are dedicated to focus on capturing price movements entering by a symmetric non-biased logic to for long and short positions in markets.

Risk Management

As a systematic stratgy, we incorporate risk management into the strategy and overall portfolio design and apply it in an automated fashion. as well as multiple layers of risk controls at both the position and portfolio levels.


Alpha decay is a genuine concern across all trading strategies and ongoing research is required to adapt to the constantly evolving financial landscape. Innovation and improvement help us elevate our strategy research, algorithmic execution development, and technological integration.

gefrorener Zürichsee

The value we seek to generate is based on quantitative, systematic trading with a focus on capturing price movements, signaled by a symmetric, non-biased logic to enter long and short positions in the markets. In combination with its countertrend character, a genuinely market-neutral approach is given.